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21 march 2002

who killed the Sims community?

the next step came quicker than i have asked for

the interesting point in my previous statement is:
"EA surely won't & can't accept such a progression for "fan sites", plain said, it'll be illegal"

to get the answer about the legality of paid Sims sites visit please

Simply Sims

& you can be damned sure about the consequences out of EA's decision
consequences for the Sims web & consequences for this site too

is money solving the Sims sites problems?

i've surfed in the last weeks extensively on many Sims sites,
the simple results you can see in the 1001 Sim Links sections in form of new & updated links

the further result is a sorrow about the future of the Sims web

what i perceived is, that more & more sites are asking not just for donations, besides those sites, which are mainly or partial pay sites meantime, but presently creating people are asking for money in return of mailed objects files
that means, you get those objects JUST & ONLY, when you will send money
this is the fussily description for something, that is usually called
don't get me wrong, i mean those files are worth money & the work & engagement of those creators is worth money, but when someone is selling files for The Sims, so this will bring just & only additional new problems & not solve any of the meantime existing
here are few of my thoughts about this current situation
why should i pay for my site, when other creators & webmasters are trying to get their bills paid by the surfers? i feel foolish, when i will do so further
should i as an "old" creator pay for files from other sites? are we all just customers to each other? is our relationship based mainly on money? or must i be a "friend" of someone to get such files for free?
will i be a member of a group of people, who are not able to come together & discuss the problems, but willing to solve all of their singular things asking for money, whithout to care for the aftereffects?

this progression was in my eyes wrong already from the very first beginnings
it begun with the donation idea on SimFreaks
next step was 8DS, the first pay site (& don't tell me MOTS was)
the next is the meantime running fundraiser action on SPS
the last for now is to offer singular objects just for money
& i am sure the next step will come soon & i won't like it ...

before you call me a spoilsport think please a while eg. about those people, who can't pay for every file, which they would love to have & for every site, which they will enter, think also about Maxis/EA's copyrights issues, think about the difficulty for people from different countries to get sent money per Pay Pal & co

a further problem for me about this matters is, that i am still not willing to make a business out of this hobby & when i would get money related to the Sims & this fan site from others, so i must ask me, if the traffic is the part of this site, which is the most worthy & which should be paid
i mean not & i know, you think similar too
all donations & payments are possibly basically ment as cost covering, but are you sure this is so?
in the "real" business world the money receiving company is liable for legality, but what are the rules in the Sims web?
i've read meantime several times in different forums, that people are paying for a Sims site because the work is worthy & not because they will keep the site online for others, in other words - why ask for payments for traffic & not ask for payments for the most worthy here, my creativity, my idea, my time, my work?
but ...
EA surely won't & can't accept such a progression for "fan sites", plain said, it'll be illegal

i am offering until now all files & access here for free for everyone, but in the light of all those problems & questions i am rather willing in the future to stop to offer downloads for all, than to start to offer them for those, who will pay for, because this is getting just business to be & the Sims web is not a good business, it is especially a bad one for all not US american people & i am not willing to spent my time with such a bad & biased business
i have started with my site because of a funny game & not because i will sell my work in the Sims web

in my eyes the present way, how the things are running here is guiding directly into this kind of Sims web, which i won't like to be a member of ...



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