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22 march 2002

the coming Sims web industry

read here please EA's present position to the Sims web
* EA says: it's ok for pay sites ...

i have started this site as a fan page & not as a business
with this EA's decision the Sims web is beginning officially to be a business
& currently on such a base like stated now i am not willing to support Maxis/EA's gain anymore

many members of this community shared for years their knowledge, skills, time, work & creativity for free with all fans
foolish! i would say - they seemingly had from the beginning on the right to take money to cover their costs
the present costs & the future costs, or would you deny better done objects after they paid for a skilled 3D designer? or a quicker surfing after they paid for a good own server?
this is for me the border between an amateur fan page & a proffessional add ons producing page
i'm sure, people on the pay sites see it not that way
but in my eyes, when this' a game for you, when this' a fun for you, when this' a hobby for you,
so you are trying to keep the costs payable for you
when you step across this border & your site is going to be bigger than you can pay for, so you have to stop or you have to start a business site
business means to be paid from the surfers & downloaders, then they are customers

i am not very surprised that there is seemingly no doubt on EA's side
EA is a money earning company & they have to profit from their business
& it looks like they forgot, that fans are fans & not their business partners

for me means the current situation
that i am not willing now to be EA's business partner
i am still a fan of the game The Sims, but meantime no more a fan of Maxis

my work for The Sims is too precious to be accessible for free since i could get my bills paid legal now
i am also not in the mood to compete as a scorned german fan site maker with mainly US american people, who are rather interested in a half professional add ons production, especially not since exactly those already big, known & paid sites are still additional prefered by Maxis features on
& i am not in the mood to hear in the near future, that my files must be crap, because i can pay for my site out of my own pocket & because just what you've paid for is worthy to be admired

i will show clearly my disgusting about the current progression in the Sims web
the coming Sims web industry
my work is my only trump & i am not going to sell it out

etha roita emphanete


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