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01 jun 2002

hi folks, i'm still here, just in case that's some interesting for someone of you
although i'm producing stuff for The Sims no more,
so i am still updating the 1001 Sim Links section & it's work enough
since as ever, sites are popping out & popping away quicker than one can follow

i'll write here also about 2 new positions of mine

an interesting new circumstance is added to The Sims web by the new annoncement of
SimCity4 on the Eł (
Electronic Entertainment Expo)
what has SimCity to do with The Sims?
well, besides the fact of Maxis as developing company,
i think, that EA, Maxis & also a lot of SimCity fans
are striving to repeat The Sims hysteria regarding the not so inebriating running SimCity series
how they will get it?
per eloquence & the usual slaver praising how unusual, wonderfull, exciting the new game will be (click here),
well, positive thinking helps sometimes ...

what i have to say about it?
i don't like it, since it keeps the player in the standard consumer position
surely you'll be even able to add a ton of screenshots based stories out of "your" city to the SimCity exchange
& you can chat & read everywhere on the new & reborn fan sites what you can read on & hundreds of the new & reborn fan sites, but
how can a consumer feel the same alluring addiction as a creative producing one,
who spends days & nights inspiring the own phantasy into a piece of rather tame game?

in the previous versions of SimCity, the 2000 & the 3000 you had at least the possibility to plaster "your" city with actual own buildings creations & a big bunch of user created, but as hard i've searched in the info texts about the new version SC4, so i couldn't find any info about the possibility for the player to insert own buildings into it
& i also can't imagine, how it could be possible since it will be more 3D oriented than ever Maxis game before,
at least, resulting from what i could see on the screnshots
maybe i'm wrong, but i think, that an avarage designing player will have that way a lot of rather demotivating difficulties to create here something, if it should be possible at all

if i'm honest, so i really do not understand, that a billions of dollars juggling company (EA)
can be so blind to believe, that The Sims success is made by those by Maxis guys conscious inserted features, incl. their own DLs & expacks
i don't understand, that after 2,5 years of the most tremendous thriving flourish in the PC game section (The Sims) there is still no one, who can remark & develop, what's for me & a lot of you, the Sims addicted too so damn evident,
that just the possibility to project real new worlds out of our desires into a functioning game brought fresh wind into the rather sniffy kill-or-get-killed gaming "pleasure"
& i also don't understand, that people (Maxis), who have themselves so much fun creating those new worlds for a game don't see, that this' the same creative pleasure, which keeps a big bunch of you out there still in a dying The Sims community

enough pleadings
now to

even if there is nothing visual on about the idea, which keeps me still here,
so this strong idea is there
my idea of a game created to enable the average player to create an own sort of world
i can't write a lot more about, since the idea is more a vision than a solid existing thing
in any case
i am working on a game, which is based on this, what made me spend 2 years of my life with The Sims
a game, which will offer to anyone the possibility to create an own world, with an own look on the surface & more than this, with own rules & own gaming cycles

if that's somehow interesting for you so you can write me a comment &/or offer your help (click here),
since it will be a game based on a community of players & not on a money making company
how will i reach it?
plain said, i don't know :ob
i'll just do my best for this vision ...

aeh ... try this link for some flat amusement

etha roita emphanete


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