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The Sim Decor

many many different files are here to find
i try to show just as few as i can
first walls for the not so traditional taste, many with the preference for impressionistic pastels

then there are also few good looking houses & again many room sets accomplished by several recolored objects - i like the idea really, there is a fun behind to create simmish complete functional rooms with a special character, that's more than just a seats set with a table
isn't the Space Cafe a real hit for Downtown?

you see also beneath a small set of kitchen knick knacks, so important to make a kitchen looking first like a kitchen
& there are many many pretty nice original ideas for kids, which i won't show here anymore, would be really much too much like eg. night lights, mobiles for babies, Harry Potter Castle to play with, fairies or racing cars wall-stickers & TVs for boys & girls

& so on & on ... i think you'll look better by yourself, what you like for your game
maybe just one - see the doggy in the last pic ...