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04 nov 2002

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i will remember just about the first published inofficial add-on, the unutterably "That's Life", which is still in the shops in Europe & makes money with the files grabbed from well known sites without a permission of the creators

what i will say with the relation between both products ("That's Life" & the packs)
... with any new product sold as add-on for The Sims is the chance to sell a new series of the old product higher since not everyone interested bought it yet & since several of those ripped fansites are financed by subscriptions now so here's the collision of gain

has one be just unscrupulous enough to make money with the Sims files?

if this' true, then i could make a lot of money with all of my GBs of high quality files, grabbed in over 2 years online from those sites, which are closed or paid or have removed such files from the DL meantime
& i had a good chance to sell them pretty well since i can improve the zBuffers, alphaChannels, the screwy skins mapping & the meshes for the later Maxis' expacks - what a luring greedy perspective!

but maybe i should take it serious & sell my own Sims progs too?
Sims perspectives are indeed more than just isometric

* a note for all those, who maybe tend to missunderstand
the people has the right to publish their programms, they have made them
those people, who are publishing the files in "That's Life" didn't make anything than to pay for the online time as they DLed the files from sites like TSR, Dr.FrankenSims, WDS, Jenny's Sim Stuff, Moni's, 7DS & others

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The Sims history